Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're gonna KNOCK the SOCKS off the EOG!

Tuesday morning we will begin taking our state tests- EOG's!  Needless to say, nerves are catching up with all of us.  I planned to do some fun little things for my kids this week.  To kick it off... Friday we had "Knock the Socks off the EOG" day!  They had so much fun wearing crazy socks and keeping their shoes off all day in the classroom.  (And, it didn't smell too bad!) 

I am now beginning to think of what I can do with my students after the EOG's are over each day, and with the enrichment groups who will not be retested.  (Students are scored 1-4.  A 3 or 4 is "passing", and if they make a 2 they are automatically retested.  We provide remediation for those students who need it and enrichment for the ones who do not.)  This has proved to be slightly tough for me.  I want to make sure these kids are learning and expanding their knowledge, as well as, having fun.  I have found some things, but not three weeks worth of materials.  So, if you have anything that you think would be helpful, feel free to let me know!

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  1. Hi
    I found your blog by "googling" EOG ideas. I also teach in NC, and we have enrichment and remediation the week after EOG's. However, my students will only have one week of this. I can't imagine filling 3 weeks!
    Today our school is doing "Hats Off to 3's and 4's." Students are allowed to wear hats. For enrichment students will create a Poetry Anthology and Polyhedraville. I am using SmartBoard technology for my remediation groups. Hopefully they won't be too large. Good luck to you and your class.